Words That Free You

Words That Free You

Author: Jacques Martel

What you say is what you become.

A guide to how the right choice of words can liberate, strengthen and heal us.

Not only are the words and phrases we use an expression of our innermost thoughts, they also influence our well-being and the overall nature of our character. Positive words create a higher vibration and thus a positive experience of life. Words with negative connotations, however, especially if used frequently, create a limiting and possibly self-destructive reality for us, since our brain cannot decide between what is real and what only exists in our imagination.

Sharing practical communication tools, such as a table to convert words and expressions from the negative to the positive, therapist and coach Jacques Martel reveals which high-vibration words to use to change our lives for the better and how to integrate them effectively when speaking with family, friends, coworkers, and in front of an audience. He also explores healing words in mantras, guided relaxation, and chants as well as a writing technique using words that free us to bring emotional healing.

Choose words filled with freedom, wisdom, and love and have them truly become the mirror of your heart and the reflection of your thoughts—you will create a more optimistic, healthy, and happy reality for yourself and others.