Wicca for Self-transformation

Wicca for Self-transformation

Author: Marie Bruce

Use Magic to Transform Your Life.

Is there an aspect of your life that you’d like to change? Perhaps you’d like to have more confidence, a better self-image, improved relationships, and greater financial or career success? This illuminating guide uses the practice of Wicca – the world’s fastest-growing branch of witchcraft – to empower you to bring these changes into reality.

Using psychology and manifestations techniques, as well as spells and rituals, witchcraft expert Marie Bruce will guide you towards making the changes you want to see in yourself. Build upon your self-knowledge in order to discern your true desire and then work out a plan of action to get you there.

Clearly written, with many different ways to overcome your own resistance, this book will be a helpful companion on your journey to success. With practical and magical steps to play, you are sure to achieve your heart’s desires.