Water Alchemy Oracle

Water Alchemy Oracle

Author: Alexandra Wenman

A full-color oracle deck and guidebook for working with the healing, magical, and alchemical wisdom of water

  • Includes 40 high-vibration full-color cards, each featuring a water element from nature embodied by devas, undines, mermaids, and other sacred beings
  • Offers a detailed interpretation of each card, explaining the healing and cleansing properties of each sacred body of water along with a channeled message and guidance from the water beings
  • Provides engaging exercises, practical rituals, and manifesting techniques to explore the spiritual practice of Sacred Water Alchemy

Water is the most sacred element on our planet. It is everywhere, within us and around us, and without it there can be no life. As a spiritual element, water is closely linked with our emotional world and the powers of intuition as well as being aligned with divine feminine wisdom. By working with the energies of water, we can discover healing, transformation, guidance, miracles, and the manifestation of our dreams.