Understanding Modern Spirituality

Understanding Modern Spirituality

Author: Inna Segal

An exploration of soul, spirit and healing.

 Explore the many themes of life, death, soul, and spirit and examine the numerous old, outdated, ambiguous teachings that have dominated the new age industry.

When we think deeply, we have an opportunity to connect the pieces of our life in a profound and inspired way. Inna Segal, bestselling healing author, will challenge you to understand the differences between physical and energetic bodies. Why do we need to learn about spiritual worlds while we are on Earth? Think about soul and spirit exploration and what nourishes and refines the soul.

How can higher truth be simple? We can look at the physical body and all the processes that science has discovered about it to recognize how complex we are. Imagine all the things that science doesn’t know and can’t perceive-including our energy bodies, soul, and spirit-let alone answer question of where we came from, where we are now in the evolution of humanity, and where we are going.