Touching two worlds

Touching two worlds

Author: Sherry Walling PhD

A Guide for Finding Hope in the Landscape of Loss.

As a therapist, Dr. Sherry Walling knew all the “right” things to say to help people through grief. But when she lost her father and her brother within six months of each other, she learned how much our current thinking about grief has to change. “There is no precise GPS for getting through grief,” says Dr. Walling. “And truth be told, we never arrive on the other side. It is a landscape we live in now.”

In Touching Two Worlds, this trusted expert dares to open the inner workings of her own grief—and in the process, provides a clear map for anyone searching for hope in the aftermath of loss. The book is the ideal gift to bring comfort to friends and family when there are few helpful words to say—written with honesty, gentle humor, and deep understanding.

Dr. Walling shares moving personal stories while offering a broad range of healing strategies and exercises for those currently moving through grief—like how to talk to bereaved people, cry on airplanes, and cope with survivor’s guilt. These are tips from someone who has been there, as well as approaches supported by her professional experience with her own patients.

Touching Two Worlds is a story of love, sadness, and renewal. Whether your loss is recent and sharp or old and familiar, Dr. Walling delivers wise and tender guidance through this new land—to carry the weight of grief while finding your own path forward.