Think About It! Philosophy for Kids

Think About It! Philosophy for Kids

Author: Alex Woolf

Key Ideas Clearly Explained.

From a young age, children are often fascinated by huge questions about morality, human nature, and the universe. Beautifully illustrated in full-color, this fascinating book harnesses their natural curiosity, while providing them with all the tools that they need to make sense of some of life’s big questions.

Think About It! Philosophy for Kids includes the ideas of many iconic philosophers, including Plato, Descartes, Alan Turing, Thomas Hobbes and David Humes. Each double-page spread tackles an array of quandaries from an accessible, child-friendly point of view, including:

– What makes something true?
– Can a machine think?
– What makes someone good or bad?
– Do I have free will?

These issues are considered from different points of view, featuring useful thought-experiments. A wonderfully mind-expanding read for children aged 8+.