The Positive Manifestation Journal

The Positive Manifestation Journal

Author: Hay House

Inspirational Prompts & Exercises for Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

A guided journal filled with prompts, quotes, exercises, and plenty of space to write as you tap into your inner power to manifest your desires and create the life of your dreams

“Nothing merely shows up in your experience. You attract it-all of it. No exceptions.”

With the power of positive thinking, your thoughts become your reality. Use the ideas and exercises in this book to practice sending out and attracting more positive energy into your life. Deepen your awareness of the power within you using the inspiring prompts on these pages.

Harness the Law of Attraction to understand what it is that you truly desire.

Recognize your inner power to make your dreams a reality.

Learn to increase your positive energy by practicing gratitude.

Set a specific intention for what you want to bring into your life.

Practice techniques to release negative energy and fear.

Learn to craft positive affirmations for positive outcomes.