The Mind-Body Cure

The Mind-Body Cure

Author: Bal Pawa MD

Heal your pain, anxiety and fatigue by controlling chronic stress.

What if someone told you that 75% of disease is caused by continuous and excessive stress hormones released by the body? What if they said you could manage that chronic stress and its harmful side effects with seven easy and affordable tools?

The Mind-Body Cure teaches you to do just that, interweaving evidence-based science with practical advice to calm your mind so you can move from primitive fight-or-flight mode to send healing hormones into your body instead. Dr. Bal Pawa also shares her own story of anxiety and chronic pain following a tragic car accident. Only when she recognised how stress hormones disrupt every system in the body, from digestion to immunity to sleep, was she able to reclaim her health.

Having healed herself and many patients since Dr. Pawa now shares the secrets to good health in The Mind-Body Cure.