The Hormone Balance Bible

The Hormone Balance Bible

Author: Dr Shawn Tassone

A Holistic Plan to Create Lifelong Health

Understand your unique hormonal archetype, start resolving problematic symptoms in as little as one week and get back to feeling like yourself!

At some point in their lifetimes, 80% of women will face a life-altering hormonal imbalance. Without a proper diagnosis or roadmap to navigate their symptoms, millions of women are left to suffer on their own. Enter Dr Shawn Tassone. Unlike many other doctors who dismiss patients’ symptoms if they come back as technically normal, even though they feel far from normal for the individual, Dr Tassone has achieved remarkable success with his patients by harnessing the power of their life stories.

In The Hormone Balance Bible, Dr Tassone guides you through his Integrative Hormone Mapping Quiz, an astonishingly accurate diagnostic tool, and combines it with the revolutionary SHINES protocol, the world’s first fully integrative treatment plan. Step by step, you’ll regain your hormonal balance, feel younger, find relief from symptoms that have plagued you for years and begin to reclaim you sense of self in as little as one week. The easy to understand treatment protocol, based on intuitive archetypes, has already helped tens of thousands of women take back their lives and their stories.