The Guardian Gateway

The Guardian Gateway

Author: Kim Wilborn

Working with Unicorns, Dragons, Angels, Tree Spirits, and Other Spiritual Guardians

There’s more to the spirit world than Guardian Angels. Connect with your Guardian Unicorns, Dragons, Trees and Nature Spirits today through guided meditations and spiritual exercises.

Unleash your soul’s purpose through connecting, meditating and working with your powerful spiritual Guardians, including Angels, Unicorns, Dragons and more, for guidance, support and fulfilment.

Express your soul purpose while partnering with your spiritual Guardians and Allies! Kim Wilborn offers guided meditations and exercises to enable you to feel your connection with the spirit world today and continue developing your relationships with specific Guardians. As you continue to work with your Guardians, you’ll learn life-expanding, transformational skills that support you in sharing your gifts with the world and showing up fully in life as who you are meant to be!