The Gentle Art of Tao Leadership

The Gentle Art of Tao Leadership

Author: Lim Meng Sing PhD

A 21st century perspective. The Gentle Art of Tao Leadership explores living in a harmonious way with others and self. Leadership is all about people and ethics and in a world often lead by fear and greed, ethical leaders can be difficult to find.

We are all leaders in some form or another. Whether in business, sport, home or simply with ourselves, the decisions we make influence and impact on others. To act ethically, in the gentle way of Tao, is to act for the good of all.

To quote the Chinese classic, the Tao te-Ching:
Ultimate goodness, like water, benefits all things and harms nothing …
It has depth at its heart; it shows beneficence in dealing with others; it is sincere in speech; it keeps order in governing; it thrives in ability and acts in timeliness.

An inspiring and insightful book that will change the way you behave.