Rewilding Childhood

Rewilding Childhood

Author: Mike Fairclough

Mike Fairclough invites parents to facilitate their children’s naturally rebellious nature to help them thrive in a turbulent world

Discover the revolutionary path to incredible parenting and embrace your child’s free spirit, inspire their imagination and prepare them for a confident, empowered future. Foreword by Dame Jacqueline Wilson. This isn’t your average parenting book. This is a call for rebellion- a liberating, transformative, joyful rebellion, proven to encourage confidence and resilience in children.

Rewilding Childhood¬†offers game-changing tools and techniques to help you raise empowered children who will thrive in this unpredictable world. You’ll find out how encouraging your child to climb trees or get muddy instils a healthy attitude to risk, adventuring into fields and forests cultivates gratitude and getting messy with a paintbrush can liberate them and elevate their confidence.

Renowned headmaster and father-of-four Mike Fairclough’s trailblazing book includes:

  • practical, liberating exercises to explore freedom and creativity with your child
  • advice on how to set non-restrictive goals and positive intentions examples of how play and games can improve problem-solving and enhance imagination
  • tips on how to encourage your child to reconnect with nature, from looking under stones for insects to observing the changing seasons

Encouraging children to explore and reconnect with their adventurous side is more important than ever. Full of down-to-earth advice, honesty, and positivity, this book will encourage both you and your child to move beyond the boundaries of everyday life to become self-assured, secure and, above all, happy.