Karmic Birthday Book

Karmic Birthday Book

Author: Amy Zerner, Monte Farber

Discover the Meaning and Magic of the Day You Were Born.

Drawing on their enchanted psychic abilities, renowned psychics Amy Zerner and Monte Farber present a fun and easy way to use birth dates to gain insight into our true selves.
For each birthday, Zerner and Farber have included five perceptive entries:
PERSONALITY identifies, evaluates, and helps you understand the true nature of a person through the patterns revealed in their birth date.
DESTINY is like a castle being built, stone by stone-it is where the person is heading in this life.
LIFE PATH is how one achieves destiny, including the lessons they must learn so they can then help and teach others.
KARMIC LESSONS are what are encountered on the journey along one’s life path.
SECRETS offer insights designed to help readers discover hidden talents and character traits based on the day they were born.

Each birthday includes a profound quote with special meaning for those born on that day, as well as a list of famous people who share the birthday and space to add significant people in the your own life who have that birthday. This engaging and interactive guide will prove enjoyable, informative, and useful as you navigate your relationships and tune into your true self.
The Karmic Birthday Book will unlock the secret of your birth date and guide you along your true life path, teaching you a karmic lesson and opening the door to your destiny.