In The World But Not Of It.

In The World But Not Of It.

Author: David Hawkins

Transforming Everyday Experience into a Spiritual Path.

Spiritual trailblazer Dr. David Hawkins offers practical advice for readers to reach advanced states of consciousness in their everyday lives, so that they can enjoy being in the world, but not of it.

It seems the further the world advances the harder it becomes to lead a life that is centered in love, grace, and compassion. That is, until now . . .

In this book, based on the popular audio program of the same name, Dr. Hawkins shares his timeless insights on why certain spiritual experiences only provide temporary enlightenment. In the process, he explains how to turn normal activities into your spiritual practice.

Readers will learn-
How to help raise the consciousness of the world
Why being accountable for choices and actions is central to one’s spiritual evolution
How to make sure that you’re taking responsibility for your life and choices
What to embrace-and what to avoid-in our technologically advanced world
How to avoid getting overly stressed by change
And much more

This extraordinary program captures Dr. Hawkins’s startling brilliance, infectious humor, and deep understanding of walking the awakened path as a citizen of the world.