How To Heal A Broken Heart Journal

How To Heal A Broken Heart Journal

Author: Ambrisia

A Journal for Grieving, Healing and Working Through Loss

So many things can break our hearts. Relationships break up. Friendships dissolve. Death can take a parent, a partner, a child. And, the loss breaks something in us. The only way out of heartache is to journey into and beyond it. Here, you have a safe place to explore and release the thoughts and feelings that can be hard to share with others. So, cry, sob, write, scribble and dance with it – until it is done.

With a space to acknowledge, feel and express the awful ache within, you can begin to find your path through the labyrinth of sorrow and start to heal your hope and restore your tender heart. This journal-style workbook includes guidance, prompts and imagery to help you move beyond the pain and confusion of loss. With text, paintings and scribbles by someone who’s been there and wants you to know, you are not alone.

A workbook-style journal featuring 220 cream-coloured premium-quality wood-free paper with 44 full-colour images, lined and unlined pages plus twelve chapters of guidance and journal prompts for leaning into and working through loss.

Deluxe matte softcover with flaps.