Glucose Revolution

Glucose Revolution

Author: Jessie Inchauspe

The life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar

Glucose, or blood sugar, is a tiny molecule in our body that has a huge impact on our health.

It enters our bloodstream through the starchy or sweet foods we eat. In the past five years, scientists have discovered that glucose affects everyone – not just people with diabetes. If we have too much glucose in our system, we put on weight, feel tired and hungry all the time, have skin breakouts, develop wrinkles, and our hormonal balance suffers. Over time, too much glucose contributes to chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cancer, dementia and heart disease.

In Glucose Revolution, scientist and researcher Jessie Inchauspé offers timeless lessons to lower your glucose levels quickly – and for good – without going on a diet. She shares simple, surprising and science-based strategies and firsthand accounts from people who’ve tried them and seen incredible results. For example:

  • How eating foods in the right order will help you shed weight without even trying
  • Why choosing dessert over a sweet snack will curb your cravings and bring balance to your hormones
  • What secret ingredient will allow you to enjoy starchy foods without guilt
  • And much more!

Entertaining, informative and packed with the latest scientific data, this book presents a new way to think about better health. Glucose Revolution is chock-full of tips that can drastically and immediately improve your life, whatever your dietary preferences.