Gift Of The Night

Gift Of The Night

Author: Philip Carr-Gomm

A Six-Step Program for Better Sleep

A fast and easy six-step approach for addressing insomnia and other sleep disorders

• An effective, easy six-step program to help you sleep better as well as thirteen specific techniques to help you fall asleep and stay asleep

• Offers an integrative approach combining evidence-based sleep science with holistic and spiritual techniques

• Provides online support in the form of short videos, audio meditations, and exercises from the author’s successful sleep clinic

More than one third of adults suffer from insomnia or some other kind of sleep disorder. With time, a lack of sleep lowers our resilience and impacts our health as well as our performance in all areas of life. Restoring hope to the sleepless, psychologist Philip Carr-Gomm reveals how we can improve our sleep naturally.

A fast and easy-to-follow six-step program to help you sleep better, The Gift of the Night combines knowledge from sleep science and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with techniques drawn from spiritual traditions and insights from the emerging field of psychedelic therapy. This guide presents a myriad of suggestions for creating the best mindset, emotional state, and physical conditions to optimize the environment for sleep, including advice on nutrition and supplements. Based on the success of his sleep clinic, Carr-Gomm offers thirteen natural ways we can drift into a deep and restorative sleep, including hypnotherapy, yoga nidra, sophrology, progressive muscle relaxation, and coloured noise. In addition, a comprehensive sleep troubleshooting guide tackles topics such as sleep phobia, sleep hacking, and lucid dreaming. Helping you get a better night’s rest, this concise and simple guide shows you how to truly benefit from everything the night offers to body and soul