Cosmic Care

Cosmic Care

Author: Valerie Tejeda

Astrology, Lunar Cycles, and Birth Charts for Self-Care and Empowerment.

Align your self care with the stars and signs.

There’s a whole world of astrology beyond just knowing your zodiac sign. From attuning to the astrological seasons to living in harmony with the moon and learning the magic of your birth chart, astrology can act as a tool for self discovery, self care and empowerment.

From the author of the bestselling Audible Originals Self Care by the Signs and Self Care by the Moon, Valerie Tejeda’s Cosmic Care is a guide to living well by harmonizing your self-care practice with the movement of the seasons, the stars, and the lunar cycle. Each of the 12 chapters on the zodiac signs includes to following to support your well-being-

– a description of that season’s energy
– a ritual
– a meditation
– affirmations
– journal prompts
– tarot and oracle card spreads
– a list of correspondences
– crystals and herbs that support that sign’s energy

By using the cosmos to guide our practice, we channel the unique energies in the sky to renew ourselves in harmony with the universe. Regardless of your sign or your knowledge of astrology, you can craft your own holistic routine for every season of the year.