Catching the Ascension Wave

Catching the Ascension Wave

Author: Bob Frissell

Everything You Need to Know about the Coming Great Awakening.

Right now, there is an enormous infusion of higher dimensional energy–a “Galactic Super Wave”–that is dramatically raising the vibratory rate of our planet and everyone on it. As Bob Frissell explains, in order to catch this wave of ascension and survive and thrive during the coming Great Awakening, we must undergo a personal transformation to raise our vibration and align with the Higher Self within each of us.

Frissell explores the forces working to advance our planetary ascent into higher consciousness–as well as those seeking to block it. Going back over 500,000 years of Earth history, he looks at the role of the ancient Builder Race from Venus and other ET races, such as the Greys and the Anshars, in our evolutionary development and rapid technological advancements. He exposes government cover-ups of alien encounters as well as the startling details of our Secret Space Program, the New World Order, and the Depopulation Agenda. He explains how the Precession of the Equinoxes is directly influencing Earth’s awakening and how the dance between the “forces of darkness” and the “forces of light” actually allows consciousness to evolve.

Sharing exercises, tools, and techniques to transmute the energies blocking access to your Higher Self, Frissell explores how the infusion of higher dimensional energy is impacting planet Earth and each of us. He shows how reconnecting with your Higher Self enables you to harness the ability to create great abundance and recognize our intimate connection to all life and to the Infinite Creator. Unveiling the incoming new energetic configuration for the Earth, Frissell details how the Great Awakening is nothing less than the birth of a new humanity and how, by raising your vibration, you help in the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.