An Energy Healer’s Book Of Dying

An Energy Healer’s Book Of Dying

Author: Suzanne Worthley

Caregivers and Those in Transition

Written by a highly skilled intuitive energy worker, this compassionate guide reveals what is happening energetically during the transition back to spirit and details how to provide support in any phase of losing a loved one: before death, during the dying process, and afterward. Taking readers step-by-step through the nine energetic levels of dying, author Suzanne Worthley explains what is happening at each level or dimension energetically, what to watch for in each stage, and specific ways in which we can support our loved ones through their transition back to spirit. For each of the nine stages, she describes what the dying person may see and experience, including the stages of transition at which people undergo the familiar elements of near-death experiences, such as entering a tunnel, conducting a life review, or encountering angels, guides, loved ones in spirit, or a bright light. She explores what family members and friends may see and experience, such as spirit energy, and what they can do to offer practical support and emotional solace to their loved one.

Examining how life force energy works as well as what Akashic records and soul contracts are, Worthley shares hospice case studies for each level of transition, so caregivers can see how belief systems and energy blocks in specific chakras affect the death process and why it is important to clear energy blocks like fear, anger, or guilt during life if possible. She explores the grieving process and offers helpful strategies for moving through it as well as “at-a-glance” reference tables of the nine stages and related healing strategies designed to be referred to by those holding vigil.

Shedding light on one of the great mysteries of existence, An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying offers a compact yet comforting guide to support you through this emotional, grief-filled, and exhausting time and help you bring solace to your loved one during the transition back to spirit.