21 Days to Unlock the Power of Affirmations

21 Days to Unlock the Power of Affirmations

Author: Louise Hay

Manifest Confidence, Abundance and Joy.

An easy-to-follow guide to affirmations from inspirational teacher Louise Hay.

Discover how to use affirmations to soothe your soul and heal your body in just 21 days.

Louise Hay’s teachings on affirmations are multi-million copy bestsellers worldwide and have provided techniques that have comforted and healed countless people.¬†21 Days to Unlock the Power of Affirmations¬†makes this infinitely powerful skill easy and quick to learn.

You’ll discover the power of simple, soothing words and how these can be applied to any problem. Whether emotional or physical, Louise’s teachings are available for you to call on at any time. You’ll also learn how to create your own personalised affirmation to target persistent, perhaps lifelong personal issues and ailments. This is the ideal introduction to an essential technique, now presented in a format that fits your life. Start healing your life in just 21 days!