Phaung Daw Oo Orphanage

In 2006 I visited the above orphanage in Myanmar (Burma) with my meditation group. It is located in Mandalay & is run by the local Burmese Monks. They get NO Government support & they were struggling to feed, clothe & educate these orphans, who were living on the streets before the Monastery took them in.

Despite their hardship, they were always smiling. There can be up to 7,000 orphans in this Sanctuary, & their main need is money for food. As a personal endeavour, a member of our group Gisele, who has since passed away, took it upon herself to organise to support the monks in their “Metta” (a term meaning loving kindness) & we at the Crystal Ball Bookstore jumped on-board to assist also.

Donate in store

We are very proud that ALL the donations made through the shop,
and from any other source, go DIRECTLY to the Orphanage, with NO deductions made for overheads as in many of the mainstream charities. Everyone along the way donates their time.

We have a donation tin instore & a small second-hand book section, from which all the proceeds go to the Orphanage.

We also welcome donations of used books in good condition, of a similar nature to what we sell in store, to keep this section humming along.

If you are moved to make a donation, large or small, you will be helping these kids survive & thrive under very difficult circumstances.

Direct deposits can be made to the following account;

Phaung Daw Oo Orphanage Donations
Suncorp bsb 484 799
A/C 503251560