Healing Centre

The  Readers are available anytime the shop is open – 9.30am – 3:00pm 7 days a week.  You can often just walk in, but it is safer to book for early or late appointments, or if you are on a tight time frame.  To book into The Little Healing Space For You, contact Tracey direct.  She often operates outside our shop hours. (See below)


Tarot and Numerology readings with Michael

Wednesdays & Saturdays

Michael is available on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s. Cost is $80 cash on the day. Please allow AT LEAST 1 hour for your reading.(Usually 90 mins)  Michael takes longer than most readers as he does a very “in depth” reading including your numerology, and he talks things through with you also.

Tarot Readings with Miss Clare

Thursday’s & Friday’s

Miss Clare is available on Thursday’s & Fridays. She offers a half hour reading for $70 or a 1 hour reading for $100  Please bring cash on the day as Clare operates separately  from the shop. Call Miss Clare on 0422 622 305 or the shop on 40 311 482 to book. The correct money is appreciated.

Miss Clare

Clients choose to consult Miss Clare for her genuine caring approach, that always encompasses hope, inspiration and encouragement.Miss Clare incorporates numerology and psychometry with your tarot cards to give you your unique soul channelled Psychic Tarot Reading.Since 1994, Miss Clare has read tarot cards privately and at festivals and markets, including the Australian Psychic Expo.  Miss Clare studied with the Tarot Guild of Australia, has a Diploma of Counselling and is a Reiki Practitioner. 

“Tarot Card Reading and Teaching is my life’s work.  I look forward to the opportunity to read your cards or teach you the mystery and wonders of the Tarot soon.”  Miss Clare.


Tarot Readings with Numerology with Eva


Eva does Numerology and Tarot cards to guide and uplift humans on their life paths. Eva brings a compassionate understanding, to allow clear vision of the blockages we all have in life and how, through clarity received, we can change our life to what we were meant to experience.

Eva will also look at your personal year vibration and can assist as a health life consultant. She will help people connect to their heart space again. She can assist with practical spiritual steps & also identify hidden negative beliefs that holds us back. Also the physical (diet exercise) to make us whole. She has a huge desire to share her knowledge and to help others to create happiness in their life, or assist with it being maintained.

Eva works with the teachings of Sai Baba “Love All – Serve All”, “Be Good – See Good – Do Good”, “Help Ever – Hurt Never.”

Eva is available on Mondays. Cost is $100 for around 45 mins – 1hr, or $70 for half an hour. Cash on the day please. To book a reading either call Eva on 0466 887 804 or the shop on 40 311 482 (Eva also offers healings by appointment.)

Tarot or Mediumship Readings with Shani



Shani combines the power of Tarot cards with the support of her Spirit Guides to offer individuals seeking understanding a pathway to clarity, guidance and direction. As a Medium she serves as a bridge between the living and the Spirit World helping individuals reconnect with their departed loved ones, sharing messages of hope, comfort and healing and aiding in the grieving process. Readings can be one or the other or a mix of both.

 Cost is $80 for 1 hour or $65 for 30min reading.

Phone the shop to book on 40 311 482 (or Shani 0438118458)

Online Psychic Development Circle Wednesday Evenings at 7pm

Explore the depths of your connection with Guided Meditations that foster and enhance intuitive trust. Cultivate your psychic abilities and unleash your untapped potential through a range of psychic exercises and practises. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, Shani can assist you in navigating the next part of your spiritual journey. With the convenience of online sessions you can participate from the comfort of your home knowing that psychic energy operates just as effectively as in person. 

For further details contact Shani on 0438 118 458.



Readings with Malcolm Bell

Tuesday’s     (Fortnightly)

Malcolm is a very experienced & respected Psychic reader, Clairvoyant & Medium.  He also offers Spiritual counselling & Past Life Readings.

He is in store fortnightly on a Tuesday.

His readings are at least 1 hour (please allow plenty of time, as it’s done when it’s done)

Cost is $100, direct to him on the day. as he operates separately to the shop.

To book, call Malcolm on 0432 733 997  or the shop on 40 311 482 9.30-3pm 7 days.


Tarot Readings with Geoff


Tuesday’s     (Fortnightly)

Geoff is available for tarot readings on alternate Tuesday’s.  He takes around half an hour & charges $60. Cash on the day please direct to Geoff, as he operates separately to the shop.

To book, call the shop on  40 311 482  9.30-3pm 7 days




The Little Healing Space For You


Tracey Simone - The Little Healing Space for You, is feeling very honoured to be joining the beautiful family and The Healing Room at The Crystal Ball Bookstore in 2024.
Tracey is a Light Worker, Master Healer, a gifted & guided Energy Healer, Reiki Master & Teacher, Munay-Ki Rites Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Light Language & Code Healer & Activator, Earth Shaman & is incredibly passionate to be assisting in spreading the Light & Love for All from Gaia to Source.
She has assisted many in journeying their way back home to ease, balanced physical & emotional health & assisting many in finding their truth and Soul Purpose & Medicine. Tracey has been intuitive with her healings since the age of 7 and receives divine communications and guidance from Spirit/Angelic Realm, and is dedicated to be of service. To book your session with Tracey, please message her or directly through website - https://thelittlehealingspaceforyou.com
Ph 0410 405 528


Be Conscious – Integrated Spiritual Practice, specialising in complex trauma therapy.

Dr Ann is no longer working from the Healing Space in store, but she has rented a space nearby & is still available. We have a discount voucher for her services at the shop. Call in to pick one up & call her mobile for an appointment or discussion. (Below)

Dr Ann’s practice is informed by a range of modalities across different physical and spiritual disciplines. Informed by over 25 years of research and practice Dr Ann developed Integrated Spiritual Theory and other frameworks for practice that have been published and utlised by allied health professionals nationally and internationally.

Dr Ann has years of extensive experience working with victim-survivors or child abuse (including physical and sexual abuse and neglect), sexual assault and domestic violence (DV). She developed a practice model for working with DV victim-survivors’ trauma that has been published internationally and in which she trains DV experts. She specialises in Complex Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and works with other mental health conditions often co-occurring or associated with experiencing and surviving trauma.

Integrated Spiritual Practice allows for a flexible personalised approach to healing that draws from a range of modalities to best suit each unique person. Drawing from both physical (bio-psycho-social models) and spiritual (energy models) means people work with all aspect of their being to get the most out of their healing process.

Dr Ann’s practice extends beyond complex trauma with her comprehensive skills and training allowing her to work with you on a range of issues experienced by people every day.

A 50-minute session is $150. Extended sessions may be required for some forms of treatment with cost discussed at the time of booking.

Selecting the ‘right’ person to work with is integral to the outcomes of any therapeutic process. So, I offer a free 10-minute introductory session so you can get a sense of who I am and how I work. Pop in, say hello and see if I am the ‘right’ person before committing to a full session. 

Cost may be negotiated for those on a health care card – please speak to Ann to explore options.   

Payment is made separate to the shop, so it is helpful if you bring the correct cash amount. Appointments can be made in the shop, calling the shop on 4031 1482 or directly with Dr Ann on 0438 011 553.