Healing Centre

The Healing Centre & Readers are available anytime the shop is open – 9.30am – 3:00pm 7 days a week.

You can often just walk in, but it is safer to book for early or late appointments, or if you are on a tight time frame. Call us on Ph 4031 1482 See separate sections for who is on when, what they offer & prices. If you would like to join our beautiful team of healers, you can put your name down to rent a day when one becomes available. Call the shop, or email sales@crystalball.com.au for an info sheet.


Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Chakra Balance & Aromatherapy – Shane’s Magik Hands

MagikHands Therapies

Remedial Massage, Reiki Master, Clinical Aromatherapy,  Chakra Balance & Reflexology

  • Shane Wyper 

Shane is in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

For Treatments on other days Shane is also available at a relaxed and peaceful setting in Mooroobool 

Shane is a Qualified Reiki Master, and has a Diploma in Remedial Massage and Clinical Aromatherapy with training also done in Reflexology, Kinesology & Pranic Healing.

He uses hands on healing with intuitive guidance when working on releasing the blocks that have manifested in our physical bodies. His aim is to treat his clients in a more holistic way and pass on his knowledge he has learnt from many years as a Healer. 

Offering Treatments in Massage, Reiki, Chakra Balance, Clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology. 

Shane also holds 2 Day Reiki Workshops in levels 1&2 in the Usui Reiki System.

Send an email to register your interest info@magikhands.com.au

 For appointments, please call the shop on 4031 1482, or call Shane directly on 0421 781 929 or via email

Walk ins are welcomed at Crystal Ball. 

Payable by cash or EFTPOS on the day. 

Reiki/Chakra Balance

| 30mins – $50 | 60mins- $90 |

Working with your Chakras and Crystals Shane will balance and harmonise your energy centres and cleanse your Aura with aromatic white sage.


| 30mins – $50 | 60mins- $90 |90mins – $130 | 120mins – $170 |

Shane uses a blend of techniques to suit your needs, from Remedial Massage, Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage,  Acupressure Points & Intuitive Massage.

 Clinical Aromatherapy

| 30minsConsultation – $50 |60mins Consultation – $100 |

~ Tailor made Aromatherapy products from – $25 ~

Treating a variety of conditions with the use of 100% pure Essential Oils. Personalised products can also be tailor made to treat your specific condition.

Aromatherapy Massage

|60mins–$120| 90mins – $160 | 120mins – $200 |

Shane will formulate a unique blend of 100%pure Essential Oils that best suits your needs or condition being treated. He then use this blend in a nurturing and relaxing Aromatherapy Massage technique.

*Minimum 1 day in advance booking required for this service.

**Included in Aromatherapy Massage Treatment is a 15 to 30 minute Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation


|30min – $50 | 45mins – $70 | 60min – $90 |

Foot Reflexology is a great way to relax and de-stress. Using French Kaolin White Clay 

2 Day Reiki Workshops with Certificate

| Shoden Level one – $ 250 |

learn what Reiki is and how to give Reiki to yourself, family and close friends.

| Okuden Level two – $ 370 |

Referred to as the Practitioner Level

learn 3 Reiki symbols their meaning and use, learn how to send Distant Healing. 

Contact Shane directly for the next workshop dates 

0421 781 929


visit www.magikhands.com.au for more information.





Pranic Healing With Bruce Sexton


Your body is your vehicle to experience this life through. As the mould for your physical body, the
energy body needs to be clean, energised and balanced.

Pranic Healing is a powerful and effective, no-touch energy healing modality for simple and those difficult to shift ailments, whether they are
physical or psychological in nature. Also great for maintenance of good health and boosting energy levels.

Bruce is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer and authorised MCKS Pranic Healing instructor, with broad Pranic Healing experience.
For appointments contact Bruce on 0419 686 312 or Cairns Crystal Ball Bookstore. Hourly $80 or 10 prepaid sessions $750 – cash or card.


Energy Healing in Native American/Shamanic Style + “The Wish Game” & many other modalities – Lorraine Stewart


Lorraine Stewart is an intuitive energy healer, Wish Facilitator/Teacher, body healing masseuse and soul coach together with Interior Alignment- Instinctive Feng Shui. She also does Soul Journeys, past life regression healings and house or office energy clearings. Lorraine is in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre every Friday.

She has promoted Cherokee Indian Bobby Runningfox who in turn put her in touch with her healing abilities, completed Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Course & the Advanced Course. Lorraine is one of Louise Laffey’s original facilitators and more recently teacher of “The Wish Game©” Which is currently being used in Deepak Chopra’s Centre’s where it is played by over 200 people at his Retreats at the Centre and Louise is always invited to attend.

For a 60 minute Session cost $80  Or 90 minute Session $120 payable in cash on the day please. 

To find out more about Lorraine watch this video of an interview with Colleen about her healings and how she may be able to help you.

For appointments please call the shop on 4031 1482, or call Lorraine directly on 0402 791 661 or via email, or Facebook.


Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis with Kiah Williams


Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis™




Wellpoint Quantum Solfeggio Hypnosis™ is a unique spiritual hypnosis technique combining a meditative state with specialized frequencies from SOUNDSYNCTECH™.

It works with your subconscious mind, or higher self, to assist you in accessing information and inner guidance for healing/ creativity/ questions, and for accessing your highest potential and purpose.


Kiah is a qualified Wellpoint hypnosis method™ practitioner and qualified HeartMath® instructor


Sessions are 1.5hrs and cost $120. Call Kiah on 0427 094 144 for more info or to make a booking, or the shop on 40 311 482


Kiah is the owner of ‘Rainforest Calling’ a boutique personalised retreat in Kuranda. For packages & information please visit 









  • THAI YOGA MASSAGE & Foot Spa & Massage
  • : – Maddie  Daly from Global Zen


My training originates from Quebec Canada by Kam
Thye Chow at Lotus Palm. I’ve studied Level 1 at Kripalu
Centre in USA and in Australia Yoga Trinity Level 2 Thai Yoga by Dani.
Thai Yoga Massage is performed on the floor on a mat and clients wear comfortable loose
clothing. In receiving the massage you are assisted in Hatha Yoga postures also working
on the energy lines, palming & thumbing and gentle stretches. It improves circulation,
relieves muscular tension, helps metabolism, boosts the immune system & balances the
body energetically inducing a calmness. The practice provides the recipient with a physical
and energetic massage.
Thai Yoga Massage is a mixture of healing arts – Hatha Yoga, Martial Arts moves & Ayurveda.
The practice originated in Indian with the spread of Buddhism over 2500 years ago. The
founder of Thai Massage is Jivaka Kumarbhaccha – he was a celebrated yogi and doctor in
the ancient Indian healing tradition of Ayurveda.

Prices are;

Foot Spa & Massage $45    30 mins

Half An Hour $40       Neck & Shoulders 

One hour: $70              Back & Legs

90 mins: $90                  Full Body

Cash or Card OK.  Maddie operates separately from the shop.
Thai Yoga Massage
with Maddie Daly


Please call Maddie on 0478 567 176 for more information, or to make a booking, or the shop on 40 311 482. 



A Tarot and Numerology reading with Michael

Wednesday & Saturday’s

Michael is available on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s. Cost is $75 cash on the day. Please allow AT LEAST 1 hour for your reading.(Usually 90 mins)  Michael takes longer than most readers as he does a very “in depth” reading including your numerology, and he talks things through with you also.

A Tarot Reading with Numerology with Steve (Spiritboy)

Thursday & Sunday’s

Steve is available on Thursdays & Sundays and he also relieve sometimes on Tuesday, so please call him  on 0418773614 or the shop on 40311482 to check availability. He is able to pull from many strengths in his readings and healings both through his extensive experience and learning. He often receives messages from the other side as well as from the tarot cards and your date of birth. Other skills include counselling, relationship, work, family or personal issues. He encourages you to record the reading on your phone to access the information later. He has run numerous workshops on many different subjects. For more information check out his website. (www.spiritboy.com.au) He has been the president of the Cairns Spiritual Centre for many years and currently he is the vice president.  Cost of a reading is $90 cash on the day and readings are around 50 minute to an hour.


A Tarot reading with Numerology with Eva


Eva does Numerology and Tarot cards to guide and uplift humans on their life paths. Eva brings a compassionate understanding, to allow clear vision of the blockages we all have in life and how, through clarity received, we can change our life to what we were meant to experience.

We are all born to the numbers we choose before birth and the key to understanding our pathway is to look at the numbers and their vibrations, along with your star sign, so we can understand our destiny and the challenges we face.

With the awareness of our weaknesses, we can put our strengths into where we need to grow – to become better human beings, and make our home, society and the world a better place.

Eva will also look at your personal year vibration. She can assist as a life consultant. She can help with comprehensive guidance, including and especially, to combat our mental always chattering ‘monkey-mind’. Often causing sleepless nights for many. She will help people connect to their heart space again. She can assist with practical spiritual steps & also identify hidden negative beliefs that holds us back. Also the physical (diet exercise) to make us whole. She has a huge desire to share her knowledge and to help others to create happiness in their life, or assist with it being maintained.

Eva works with the teachings of this Century’s biggest humanitarian, who encourages us to practise; “Love All – Serve All”, “Be Good – See Good – Do Good”, “Help Ever – Hurt Never.” Eva is available on Mondays. Cost is $90 for around one hour. Cash on the day please. To book a reading either call Eva on 0466 887 804 or the shop on 40 311 482 (Eva also offers healings by appointment.

A Tarot Reading with Clare


Clare is available on Fridays. She offers a half hour reading for $60, or a 1 hour reading for $90  Please bring cash on the day as Clare operates separately  from the shop. Call Clare on 0422 622 305 or the shop on 40 311 482 to book.

CLAIRVOYANT READINGS with Chakra Balance & Spiritual Counselling


Merelita (aka Marilyn) is available on Tuesdays. Cost for a reading is $80 cash on the day & takes around 1 hour. She is clairvoyant and does not use cards. A chakra/energy balance is usually included at the start of the reading. She also offers spiritual counselling courses. Ph 40 311 482 Merelita is away overseas often, so it is best to pre-book an appointment. When she is away, Spirit Boy Steve covers Tuesdays (see his listing on this website). Please bring your questions.